Me still love at you .
Friday, January 4, 2013 // 11:50 PM

Sudah Cukup Cukup Sudah , Cukup sampai di sini saja :')


4th april 2011
Thursday, December 6, 2012 // 12:23 PM


We’ve been together for a year+ now. We’ve done everything together, made promises and planned our futures.  I love him with every inch of me, but there’s something wrong and not only can I not fix it, but I don’t even know what it is. We’ve always had fights, but lately they are heartbreaking . They last for days and days and we cry ourselves to sleep every night. What are we fighting about? Things have changed, he has changed but he doesn’t see it. He’s pulling away, I feel myself losing him and it’s making me crazy. We don’t have much time to see each other .. He says he cares, I know he does. He hasn’t given up on us, and he says he never will. I put him above everything... my health, my goals, my happiness and it is killing me. I’ve prayed and begged and cried out all of my tears :') i may be hyper n happy w him nw without a relationship between us just a close bestfriend .. every night i cried n pray that he will get bck to me one day .. hais insyallah doa ira akan kabul . amin amin amin :') <3 


Monday, November 26, 2012 // 1:53 PM

Berikan ku waktu untuk bersamamu meniti hari </3

It took me long enough to heal this pain that i have right now :'(  u will nvr know how i feel when u doing this to me the second time :'/

I remember when everything between us was so perfect and you gave me butterflies and I made you want to stay up all night just to talk to me. he was the first guy to give me everything .. but i dont expect that frm him .. all i need is his love :') Maybe things would be different this time round? We’ve both grown since then, surely things would be different. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself.I’m not happy, and I’m starting to think that maybe I never will be happy again. i spend my time hoping that one day you'll come back to me and tell me you still love me, that you never stopped. and i'll be here waiting, waiting to finally say yes *breathless* i may txt w u normal right now .. but u dont know how is my condition right now :'(  </3 

Akiff , ira tak mempunyai apa2 .. yang ira ada cuma kasih syg utk akiff .. ira tknk kita gaduh dgn benda kecik .. ira tk suke :'( </3 as what i say 

dont ever think negative when u didnt think properly before u hurtin someone that you love :'/ </3 you were the first boy I ever 

were the one who took my heart and locked it inside of yours ,  in the end,you took that heart and you shredded it to pieces :'( akiff ckp 

senang .. nak ira bahaga tanpa akiff .. sedangkn i tk blh .. u are just ego ! big ego :'( i da ckp satu hari nnti kalau u regret u dont complain :'( 

cause i know u will ONE DAY :'/ </3 i tk tahu mcm mana nk pandang org bsk dgn i nya sakit n mata lebam gini </3 sighh ! I miss us 

remember how it used to be...when nothing else matter but you and me. i had ntg much to say .. sighh

Patah seribu :')

Walau raga kita tak mungkin bersama , ku yakini hati kan tetap setia :'/ 

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Happy 1yr8months friendship baby !
Thursday, November 1, 2012 // 12:00 AM

Happy 1year8months Friendship bumbumku ! 

Happy birthday to future father in law cehhh ! hahaha xD tkluh :')  

For the mean time .. irakiff tgh time out mcm take a break have a kitkat gitu katakan ! haha ~ tapi bila tadi nmpk each other mcm tk time out --" mcm matae biasa .. tkpe kdg2 cinta da comes naturally kan apa nk uat hahaha xD ceh no luh .. he has his our reason .. and for me its hard for me to forgive him .. but then when we both tgt .. as if like that prob tk exist .. because we are tryin to change to be better for our r/s :') I will always love you muhd akiff ! no matter what happens i will still wait for you :') i know u wont leave me .. psl tadi ira tnya dia ? u takkan tinggalkn i kan ? muke mcm da nk nngis aku -.-" den he say takkan .. awww :') he kiss my forehead many times . im lovin it ~ heheh ^^ :D

i was too scared because you've hurt me too many times in the past. i was too scared of losing you. i was too scared you didn't love me as much as i loved you :') 
i spend my time hoping that one day you'll come back to me and tell me you still love me, that you never stopped. and i'll be here waiting, waiting to finally say yes :') <333 haiss ~ u will always be my baby bumbum , baby#1 special boy my everything till my last breathe .. no one can replace u in my heart *muahh* me love at you ... bb , walaupn u sakitkan hati i .. u know im trying to be hyper w u this few days .. so bear w me .. if nt im sorry maybe my heart is numb :') okay syg ? me love at you *kiss ur cheek* lets be the old us syg .. gaduh2 syg , kau aku semua terkua .. i just miss the old us .. mention towards each other without fail kt twitter .. and the way u worry abt me last time :')  the way u say to me syg kau gila baby whatever shit .. hais ! thats how where we start to love each other more n more be happy n hyper as always .. yes i did read our old mentions .. i nngis psl i miss the old us the old love .. haiss ! if we were to be the old us .. i tell u everyone is gonna be jeaolous w our love xD trust me ! pls bby pls .. lets change .. even though we are nt together yet fr the mean time . at least show our love more n more and it will make our love r/s way more better :') ^^ im trying .. u pun kena kk syg ? sunday is our 1yr7months anniv ... i teringat u mintk i kt merlion .. smpai i binget u tggu sunset smpai da tkde sunset --" stupid gemok ahaah ! muahmuahmuah



Happy 1yr 7months to me !
Sunday, October 7, 2012 // 12:00 AM

Happy 1yr7months to me !! ^^

Hah ! aku tggu je janji dia terhdp aku .. 1 . he promise me he will give th diary book to me on the 4th .. 2. i will give u long msg on the 4th ... there is nothing i could say right now .. so i rather make an effort for this relationship by my self ..  fight fr this r/s by myself .. thats all i can say ! :D 

I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too for every day good or bad you’ll always be in my head..I hope you’ve understood everything I’ve said  this isn’t just a joke or a silly lie .. I’d never do anything to make you wanna cry I’m sorry if I do something to make you really mad  it only comes back and makes me really sad , I really do love you and everything you are ..I hope this relationship gets really far :') you always make me smile just by being there , I hope you know how much I really do care every time I think of you my stomach seems to twist .. this is why I love you *tears*  I haven’t found a lot of reasons to smile, but I want to let you know that whenever I feel like crying and breaking down I think of you and I manage a smile. If there had to be anyone in this world that could always make me smile, it would be you. It would be you because of all the simple things you do in life that make me happy. It’s because your smile makes me smile and the thought of you makes me smile. I don’t know what my life would be life if I didn’t meet you.I hope nothing between us will ever change, but if anything had to change, it would be the love I have for you, because it would get stronger everyday.I remembered every little detail about you. I’m not doing it to be sweet, I remember because I pay attention. I pay attention because I love you and I’m glad to be your exception. 

I’m sorry for the fights that we’ll get into. I’m sorry for making you cry. I’m sorry for lying. I’m sorry if I get jealous. I’m sorry if I act childish sometimes. I’m sorry if I’m a pain in the ass sometimes. And I’m sorry for everything that I’ll do to make you unhappy. I thank you for all the smiles that you’ll bring me, all the happiness you can give me. If you make me cry, then that’s okay. Just don’t make that a habit.And I hope that you’ll still be there to give me another chance because I would give you that second chance. If you make me cry, then that’s okay. They say that boys aren’t worth my tears, but I want you to be the boy  that’s worth my tears.I know that there’ll be times where I can’t always make you happy. I know that there will be times where I won’t be able to see you because of your familys, but know that I really just want to be with you right at that moment and know that I just want to be in your arms. I’ll love it when you make me laugh, even if it’s something completely stupid, a cheesy joke, a silly face, anything, I’ll love it. 

I promise myself i will get that game for you.. i didnt say u are giving hopes and keep complain at me .. but den it get irrits when u keep saying that as in like u tk blh sabar .. maybe its my fault ! im sorry for saying you bodoh . i more stupid den you . cause im useless girlfriend in the whole universe .. thats why guys always give up on my easily *tears* i promise you by next week i will give you syg.. i janji ! i just wanna see u happy .. i will be happy that i really give u what u want for all this time :') you happy i happy .. u sad i sad .. bekas i bekas u jgk :') me love you so much *muaaah*



Hang out w my mum & grandma ;)
Monday, September 24, 2012 // 7:00 PM

Bukan Dia Tapi Aku 

Went to tamp w my mummy .. kita ambik shuttle bus frm ikea there and tggu my nenek tersyg ^^ and kita mamam kt coffee toast ^^ sedaaap ~ den off we go to serangoon -.-" why nenek why ? why must be serangoon .. asal byk2 nk beli tel rumah kt situ i know its cheap .. asal byk2 situ ?! :'(  but nvm ira paling suke tgk sari semua ^^ hahaha ! even though my darah daging ikt my dad india .. but i wont accept it .. cause my face dont look like indian xD i more to my mum side .. boyan ^^ :D and we took 67 .. ya allah its a long journey and somemore the airocn kt dlm bus punya luh tk sejuk .. panas siakk ~ stupid bus ! go n repair ur aircon luhh .. grrr ! ~  kita trn kt tekka and i buy my facial wash and this woman introduce my mum psl ni product case cream ni uat muke kita tk nmpk bijik2 etc or whatever shit luh .. actual cost is $69 but she treat us a regular customer so $55 -.-" mami beli .. haiss ni benda kalau tk work at my mum face i will laugh at her waste money only w stupid things .. just like her daughter luh xD HAHAHAHA ! ^^ she tk bagi me pakai that cream u know :( so meaan !~ later my eyeliner and make up all also u dont share w me .. hahaha ceh tkluh .. im nt selfish w people .. only chocs xD muahahaha ^_^ tapi kalau org tu mean so much to me i tk selfish xP hahaha ! and gi serangoon tgk sari2 semua .. and i saw this skirt lawa gila seh :( and my mum tk bagi beli she say i takkan pakai .. stupiid :'( i want !!! if u guys wanna know ira paling suke pakai skirt panjang and long dress , maxi dress anything between this will always attract my eyes  .. but gara2 psl jeans ada tu psl terpaksa pakai HAHAHAHA ! Den da kedebak kedebuk .. kita pergi kedai phone nk repair my abg nya phone and my nenek nya phone .. and this keling guy ckp my nenek nya phone kalau nk repair mmg tkde harga HAHAHAHA ! jahaat seh -.-" sony erricsson .. tahu uh da tk laku xD hhaha ! and my nenek say to me kenapa luh krg suke buang duit iphone 5 luh apa luh .. tgk mcm nenek pakai phone ni brp tahun tu pn okay je blh txt or call org .. ni ipone2 hahahaha ! cute luh my nenek bila membebel xD ^^ mcm cucu dia jgk ~ 

den da gitu2 semua kita beli makan .. den cukup time we take 67 again -.-" like again ??!? hahaha ! my nenek senang je bus ni jln kt chai chee .. dia trn je jln kaki smpai rumah .. me n my mum smpai kena jln terus trn kt tamp inter .. haha ! tkpe its a long day for us today .. penat pulak tu :D  kita tiga bbl byk nari .. especially abt our familys ... nnti ira da dgr ni semua .. ira suke share2 cite kt matae ira .. hahaha ! idk why i just love to share w people i love ^_^ :D hehe ! dia tk txt aku whatsapp aku tau si gemok tu :( why baby why ?!?!?!? ahahaha ! u dont miss me is it ? i miss you so much you know :'(  *hmph hmph* msg me okay later .. dont let ur gf be so lonely at here .. aku da sengket kwn ni HAHAHAHA ! xD ceh no luh ^_^ 

I really love my nenek so much .. walaupn with my daddy side .. my another nenek da tkde when bila my birthday she da meninggal actually when i was 6 7 yrs old i think 0.o ntah luh tk ingt aku ! hahaha ~ but i more to my nenek yg kt chai chee .. hahaa ! what i cn see since i was small till now ! dia nya org sabar .. dgn org pn friendly walaupn org tk knl dia and somemore she is very kind hearted and i really love her character .. org pijak kepala dia ke apa .. she is still staying strong .. thats my nenek ! hahaha ^^ :D setiap raya kalau ira ckp sorry kt dia .. dia selalu nngis .. dia suke ungkit dulu bila dia pkl ira masa secondary ira degil xP hahaha ! she always say maafkan nenek jgk eh ira kalau nenek pkl ke apa .. nenek uat ni semua psl nenek syg dgn cucu nenek .. ira je tau satunya2 anak cucu ppn yg nenek ada .. hahahaha ! yes is true okay .. and i hate it .. im the only girl in the family :'(  haisss ! so lonely yg lain semua lelaki .. meluat aku tgk hahaha ! tapi ttp aku syg <3 :) da luh byk sgt aku type xD and i need my rest ^^ haahah ! will update soon aite ;)



Everything is gonna be okay.
Friday, September 21, 2012 // 3:56 PM

I love you 

Tomorrow is ur big day .. how i wish u will update ur blog for me .. haiss ! da lama u tk update selalunya active without fail .. but nvm ~ im trying my best to buy for you ur spiderman games even though right now i not much money .. thinkin abt tmr outing and next week outing .. haiss ~  just give me time to save money just fr ur game .. if really takes for a months than im sorry if i didnt fulfilled that promise :'( hais if i had that so much money .. i da belikan u since the day u want it badly :/ im nt like ur family .. what u want u dapat .. as for me .. what i want for all this time since i was secondary i didnt get it .. but u are the first guy that really fufilled the things that i want especially polaroid .. i really appreciate it .. i didnt expect u to buy all this for me .. seriously .. i tak pernah pikir psl ur duit or anything .. even though only certain things je i mintak u belanja .. MAKAN xD hahaahhaa ! da tu je .. kalau lain benda tu pn i can buy myself if i da kerja end of this year or maybe time attachment ... insyallah nxt year kita da attachment we dpt gaji half of it gonna give my parents . den cukup time kita shopping okay .. what u want i will buy for you .. i tak selfish w people .. only certain peoples that really special to me and that is YOU *winks*  cair kan kau ? HAHAHAHA ! ^^ i makesure we shopping till drop .. and as for you .. u da terlalu byk baju tk pakai .. u go and buy things that only important je HHAHAH ! baju semua kau da berlambak tk pakai .. go and antar kt anak yatim .. dpt pahala u know ^^ mcm keluarga i :D heheh ! gerenti gerek kan kalau kita kekal smpai dewasa .. and so much things gonna happen if one day we gonna get marry .. ainkkkk xD hahahaah ! i selalu doa semoga kita dua akan kekal and have a bright future bila da adults ^^ :D see walaupun i da tk byk kwn right now .. ttp i independent .. cause i know one day certain peoples akan cari i alik -.-" i dont give a damn already .. insyallah kalau i jejak smpai poly gerenti lagi gerek byk kwn bersepah kt situ ! u da lama tk antr i smpai rumah .. when u gonna send me home till there syg ? ;') im trying my best to be the old us back .. as long we both make an effort towards each other .. setiap kali kita gaduh mesti ada sebab2 dia kenapa kita gaduh .. our loves will always grow stronger ! cuma org je selalu ckp break sudah buang masa je sikit2 gaduh abh baik abh gaduh abh baik .. i dont care what people wanna say as long i know what are we doing is gonna make our relationship more stronger :') <3 as long you u trust me .. and i will trust you ... im being fair and square .. simple as that :D 

There’s always a some thing good that comes our, just be patient it’ll all get better, okay b ? <3 

I will see you tomorrow .. pakai t-shirt yg belikan u last year okay da lama i tk nmpk u pakai baju tu depan i ;) ^^
Im gonna wear white also .. kita jadi the angels hahaha :D ^^ sheeshaa luh kau puas2 xD i pn sama . hahaha ! *muah* i love you very the muchy cuchy puhcy <3 ^^ 




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